The Morley Sisters

Having been paired together & known as ‘the Morley sisters’ for most of our lives - by our teachers, our friends & family - it seemed only fitting that, on deciding to venture into business together, we simply made this sisterly-duo official.

We are very close, even though we have a five year age gap. Thus, we have always dreamt of working together. Here is where our mutual love of all things make-up comes into play.

Both sisters hail from good, old Johannesburg.  (Well, obviously – we grew up in the same home!) Our mom has never really understood our obsession with make-up – she gets anxious if she has too many eyeshadow and lipstick colour options, and regularly applies eyeshadow with her fingers, much to the dismay of her two daughters! Thus, our shared love for make-up really is an anomaly. (Maybe we get it from our glamourous granny, who has always had a drawer full of make-up with which we played as young girls.) 

It sounds cheesy, but we really are best friends. We love make-up and love being able to beautify people together. Working with your sister makes working with make-up even more fun! 

Having two highly customer-focused make-up artists, who work so well together and have very similar and complimentary styles, truly makes a wedding or an event make-up application even more relaxed. Plus, everyone has a jolly good time in the process!



Tatum Morley-Saieva

the older, shorter sister

The pedantic speller. Tatum has a rather unhealthy passion for sneakers, and a healthy obsession with organisation and her two pugs, Winston and Clementine. Oh, and make-up, of course! She is a lover of love – and weddings – and is married to her primary school sweetheart. After having cultivated a love of make-up from a very young age, Tatum realised in her first year of her Master’s in Journalism that her passion lay in make-up – particularly bridal make-up – and not necessarily in journalism research methodology… She has an affinity for darker, striking eye make-up looks and believes that one can never have too many shades of lipstick. 


Jordyn Morley

the younger, (much) taller sister

The blonde one, in the literal sense only. Jordyn is a lover of all things vintage. (Not vintage make-up though – that would be wrong, and chemically hazardous.) 

Jordyn has a particular knack of achieving the perfect winged liner, and the most perfect, striking lip. (It helps that she is also a talented visual artist, having achieved a distinction in art in matric.) When she is not painting faces, she is a fashion design student and vehemently avoids any meals containing mushrooms! She is also yet to learn to appreciate her sister’s punny jokes for their true brilliance.